Who are your tutors?

Our tutors are professional tutors, retired school teachers, or test prep gurus, writers, grad students, language instructors, and educators with years of tutoring experience. Each of our tutors undergoes Trymytutor.com's internal screening process and a background check.

Where is Trymytutor.com available?

Our tutors conduct class throughout Delhi/NCR and are predominantly located in South Delhi, Gurgaon, Dwarka, Rohini, Panjabi Bagh, Model Town, Mayur Vihar & Noida.

Can I speak with someone at Trymytutor.com?

Of course. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call us (9911-699-699). You can also email us at hi@trymytutor.com.

Do you screen your tutors?

Yes. Every tutor on our site undergoes an internal review by a member of the Trymytutor.com team. Additionally, Trymytutor.com runs a background check on all of our tutors. We take their Address Proof, Photograph, Qualification Proof to verify them.

How do I hire a Tutor?

Browse the tutors from our website, fill out a tutor request form or contact one of the Trymytutor.com's Education Consultants at 9911-699-699 and you will be connected with the perfectly matched tutor.

Where do class take place?

Tutoring classes may take place in students' homes, libraries, dorm rooms, or even at coffee shops. You can determine class location when speaking with an Education Consultant or tutor.

Do you provide a demo class?

You may have a demo class for half an hour as per your agreement with the tutor.

Can I speak with the tutor before I book the class?

Your tutor will contact you once your class have been scheduled. You can take a telephonic interview of the tutor before calling him/her for the class.

What if I'm not happy with my tutor?

If you are not completely satisfied with your first class, Trymytutor.com will gladly find you another tutor. Contact us as soon as possible after the class to give us the feedback about the tutor.

Do you charge any consultancy fee?

Yes. We charge a consultancy fee equivalent to 50% of one month's fee as upfront payment (which is minimum of 8hrs of sessions) from parents or students.

Can I pay the tutor directly?

Yes. You may pay the tutor directly after the class or sessions done.

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Why should I offer my services on Trymytutor.com?

Trymytutor.com helps tutors supplement their income by providing a network of students in need of quality tutoring. Trymytutor.com markets your skills and helps you build a customer base so you can focus on what you do best: teaching.

How can I know, that I’m fit for tutoring?

A member of the Trymytutor.com team will review your application and take a telephonic interview. If we think you're a good fit, we will ask you to join us. You can also visit trymytutor.com office personally along with your qualification proof and address proof.

How much does it cost to sign up as a tutor?

Free. It is free to sign up as a tutor on Trymytutor.com website. In this case, your profile will be visible on the website but you won’t be able to get the contact details of the students.

What should I do to get contact details of students looking for tuition in my area?

You should upgrade your membership to get contact details of students who are desperately looking for a quality tutoring in your area.

How much I need to pay to upgrade my membership?

The premium membership fee is Rs.1100 which is valid for 5years depending on your performance.

How long the premium membership valid?

The premium membership is valid for 5 consecutive years depending on your performance.

How many tuition will I get?

There is no limit for number of tuitions. You may take as many tuitions as you want.

How long it will take you to provide me first tuition after I get the premium membership?

It depends on the numbers of subjects you teach, more is the subjects you teach, sooner is the probability of getting tuitions.

It also depends on area you are serving, larger is the area you cater, sooner is the probability of getting tuitions, because it opens more options for you.We do not commit you any time period.

Will you refund the membership fee if you are unable to provide me tuitions?

Yes, we give 100% cash back if we are unable to provide you tuitions within 45days. The amount will be automatically credited to your account on 46th day after upgradation.

How much will I be paid?

Pay rates are based on your experience, command on subject, grade you are teaching, and location.

How does payment work?

The payment is taken directly by tutors from the parent or student as and when it suits to the tutor and parent or student.

How much you charge from the fee?

We charge 50% of the "Fee" upfront from the first month fee and 20% of the "Fee" from second month Fee", of every tuitions. Here the "Fee" is the fee as decided at the time of liasoning irrespective of your's or student's attendance. In any case, our minimum commission is 8 hours of fee if it is one subject and 12hrs of fee if there're two subjects in the tuition, irrespective of the frequency of the sessions. The rest is completely yours for ever. You also have an option to pay 30% of the fee flat for every months throughout the tuition.

How do I create a profile?

Click here and follow the step by step directions.

Why is my profile not showing up on Trymytutor.com?

You needs to fill up each and every section precisely to represent yourself on trymytutor.com

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