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Being a devoted individual to my students and teaching profession, I been an effective Science teacher and tutor specializing in reading, writing and test preparation in high school Science and Maths. I have worked on sharing knowledge and passion for maths and science as well as inspire perseverance and confidence for success in maths and science

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Tutor information

Interested in - One On One Tutoring
Teaching Since - 1994
Resident Area - Udyog Vihar
Age - 45

Educational Qualifications

  • MSc(Math)

Teaching Subjects

  • All Subjects for Preparatory
  • All Subjects For KG (Kindergarten)
  • All Subjects For Class I
  • All Subjects For Class II
  • All Subjects For Class III
  • All Subjects For Class IV
  • All Subjects For Class V
  • Science upto Class V
  • All Subjects For Class VI
  • All Subjects For Class VII
  • All Subjects For Class VIII
  • Physics upto Class VIII
  • All Subjects For Class IX
  • All Subjects For Class X
  • Science for Class IX
  • Science for Class X
  • Physics For Class IX
  • Physics For Class X
  • Chemistry For Class IX
  • Chemistry For Class X
  • Maths Upto Class III
  • Maths Upto Class IV
  • Maths for Class V
  • Maths for Class VI
  • Maths for Class VII
  • Maths for Class VIII
  • Maths for Class IX
  • Maths for Class X
  • Social Studies upto Class V
  • Social Studies for Class VI
  • Social Studies for Class VII
  • Social Studies for Class VIII
  • Social Studies for Class IX
  • Social Studies for Class X
  • Science for Class VI
  • Science for Class VII
  • Science for Class VIII
  • Maths for Class XI
  • Maths for Class XII

Preffered Areas for Teaching

  • 110061-Bijwasan
  • 110075-Dwarka
  • 110078-Dwarka Sector-14
  • 121104-Punhana Gurgaon
  • 122001-Bilaspur Gurgaon
  • 122002-Sushant Lok
  • 122003-Gurgaon Sector-44
  • 122004-Khandsa
  • 122006-Gurgaon Sector-7
  • 122008-DLF City Phase Ii Gurgaon
  • 122009-Galleria DLF-Iv
  • 122010-DLF City Phase Iii Gurgaon
  • 122011-Gurgaon Sector-56
  • 122015-Gurgaon Sector-18
  • 122016-Gurgaon Sector-21
  • 122017-Carterpuri
  • 122018-South City-Ii
  • 122050-Gurgaon Sector-3
  • 122051-Manesar
  • 122101-Badshahpur
  • 122102-Bhondsi
  • 122103-Sohna
  • 122104-Agon
  • 122105-Hasanpur Gurgaon
  • 122106-Dungerwas
  • 122107-Akhera
  • 122108-Bhadas
  • 122211-Palmar
  • 122508-Pinangwan
  • 123003-Baslambi
  • 123413-Bhorakalan
  • 123414-Inchhapuri
  • 123502-Cheelarh
  • 123504-Hailly Mandi
  • 123505-Bhangrola
  • 123506-Farrukh Nagar

Personal Tutoring Experience

  • Taught Maths for Class X, Physics For Class X, student from DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL
  • Taught Home Tutors For English Language (3 Stud student from Venkteshwara International
  • Taught Maths for Class IX, student from st mary
  • Taught Maths for Class X, Science for Class IX, student from Richmond
  • Taught Maths student from OPD World School
  • Taught Science for Class X, Maths for Class X, student from KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA