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About me

I have tutored children for many years for the after school programs, summer school, as well as individuals.

I want each student to feel that he or she is important by providing opportunities to show independence. After all my job is to teach them to help themselves.

I work with elementary aged children helping them become thinkers: better readers, writers and mathematicians. My experiences include working with children as young as 5 years old assessing them to determine their strength, and identify where I need to provide more instruction. Determining goals and writing a plan to achieve these goals.

I have over 12 years experience of teaching. According to me some students learn by building tangible objects, some learn by looking into the distance and pondering, and some learn by talking through their thoughts with their peers. I have always loved helping people understand the world around us, and i enjoy coming up with creative ways to teach because not all minds learn alike.

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Tutor information

Current Profession - Tuition Teacher
Interested in - One On One Tutoring
Teaching Since - 2002
Resident Area - Kishan Garh-Vasant Kunj
Age - 45

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor Of Science
  • Master of Arts

Teaching Subjects

  • All Subjects For Class VI
  • All Subjects For Class VII
  • All Subjects For Class VIII
  • All Subjects For Class IX
  • All Subjects For Class X
  • Science upto Class V
  • Science for Class VI
  • Science for Class VII
  • Science for Class VIII
  • Science for Class IX
  • Science for Class X
  • Physics upto Class VIII
  • Physics For Class IX
  • Physics For Class X
  • Chemistry For Class IX
  • Chemistry For Class X
  • Maths Upto Class III
  • Maths Upto Class IV
  • Maths for Class V
  • Maths for Class VI
  • Maths for Class VII
  • Maths for Class VIII
  • Maths for Class IX
  • Maths for Class X
  • Social Studies upto Class V
  • Social Studies for Class VI
  • Social Studies for Class VII
  • Social Studies for Class VIII
  • Social Studies for Class IX
  • Social Studies for Class X
  • History for class XI or XII
  • World History
  • Indian History
  • European History
  • History for Graduation
  • Geography for class XI or XII
  • Geography for Graduation
  • Topography
  • Cartography
  • Political Science for class XI or XII
  • Political Science for Graduation
  • Sociology for class XI or XII
  • Sociology for Graduation
  • Philosophy for class XI or XII
  • Philosophy for Graduation
  • Psychology for class XI or XII
  • Psychology for Graduation
  • Civics
  • Hindi upto Class V
  • Hindi for Class VI to VIII
  • Hindi for Class IX or X
  • Hindi for Class XI or XII
  • Hindi for Graduation

Preffered Areas for Teaching

  • 110003-R P Bhawan
  • 110013-Nizamuddin
  • 110014-Hari Nagar, Ashram Chowk
  • 110016-Sarvodaya Enclave-Hauz Khas
  • 110017-Chirag Delhi
  • 110019-Alaknanda
  • 110020-Okhla
  • 110021-Anand Niketan
  • 110022-INA Market
  • 110023-Sarojini Nagar
  • 110024-Lajpat Nagar
  • 110025-Jasola Vihar
  • 110029-Safdarjung Enclave
  • 110030-Mehrauli Gurgaon Road
  • 110037-Rangpuri
  • 110038-A F Rajokri
  • 110044-Mehrauli Badarpur Road
  • 110047-Arjan Garh
  • 110048-Kavi Nagar
  • 110049-Ansal Plaza
  • 110057-Vasant Vihar
  • 110061-Bijwasan
  • 110062-Devli Gaon-Khanpur
  • 110065-Nehru Nagar
  • 110066-Mohammadpur
  • 110067-Munirka
  • 110068-Maidan Garhi
  • 110070-Vasant Kunj
  • 110074-Fatehpur Beri
  • 110076-Sarita Vihar

Personal Tutoring Experience

  • Taught Home Tutors For Class III (IB) student from PATHWAYS
  • Taught Maths for Class IX, Science for Class IX student from Rabindranath tagore
  • Taught Hindi upto Class V, student from Hostel
  • Taught Hindi for Class IX or X, Social Studies student from kr mangalam school
  • Taught Social Studies for Class IX, student from Vasant Valley School
  • Taught Maths & Science student from Heritage School
  • Taught Science student from CARMEL CONVENT SCHOOL
  • Taught Maths for Class X, Chemistry For Class X student from Modern VV
  • Taught Maths & Science student from Modern School
  • Taught Physics For Class IX, Chemistry For Clas student from Pathways
  • Taught Social Studies for Class VIII, student from Loreto
  • Taught Home Tutors For Class VI student from G D GOENKA PUBLIC SCHOOL