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About me

I'm an experienced teacher for all subjects upto class 10. I've been teaching at the school level since 2011 and am currently pursuing a Liberal Arts degree. 3 Words to Describe Me: Passionate Teacher. Avid Learner.

Interests: Reading, Writing, Dramatics, Music, Sketching, Sports (basketball, football, swimming), Volunteer Work.

Achievements: Convenor of Different Societies in College (Debate, Dramatics, Legal Aid, Mediation-Arbitration).

My passion is teaching and learning. I believe that the two are inextricably tied. One cannot be a good teacher unless they are a ready learner first. So I'm constantly learning and improving myself whilst giving my students the best I have to offer. Over the years, teaching has taught me commitment, dedication, patience, several approaches to explaining the same concept, the importance of honest communication & feedback, ability to generate interest in the subject and keep the student motivated, and several others. I intend to pursue a career in academia.

My schooling was at St George's College Mussourie. I was a Commerce with Maths student in class XII. My college is IGNOU where I'm currently pursuing Social Sciences & Humanities.

Teaching: I've been teaching tuitions in Dehradun and Delhi for the last 5 years. The details can be found on my TMT profile.

Style of teaching: I use videos and other multimedia tools to make the concepts form a lasting impression on the students. I encourage my students to read widely and think critically. I take oral and written tests after each chapter to check if the student has understood everything correctly. Before actual school exams, I take mock exams so they perform better in school.

Core Subjects: English and Humanities upto class 12. Others upto 10th.

Performance: Sports captain for basketball, football, swimming in St George's. Captain for states basketball, representing mussoorie and district basketball. Did Street plays for Amity Law School, participated in dramatics in school.

Teaching Experience: My teaching methodology has always worked for the students. I've had cases where students were failing in certain subjects and who started scoring in the 90s after I taught them.

Extra Materials or Notes: Definitely, as and when needed. I focus more on strengthening concepts instead of referring the student to too many sources.

Different from Other Tutors & Why Students Should Prefer Me:
Five years of experience in teaching. I know the importance of good teachers because I've had some of the best. I also intend to teach full-time and take it up as a lifelong profession. I don't do this on the side or for making money. I'm not associated with any commercial establishment and I teach for the sheer joy of sharing what I've learnt.

Qualities required to be a Good Tutor: Intelligence. Passion for teaching. Patience . Ability to handle the age group that one is teaching. Ability to connect and communicate with the students so that they look forward to learning from me.

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Tutor information

Interested in - One On One Tutoring
Teaching Since - 2009
Resident Area - Kamla Nagar
Age - 30

Educational Qualifications

  • Bachelor Of Arts from IGNOU
  • Professional Course (Law (criminal)) from Professional Course

Teaching Subjects

  • All Subjects for Preparatory
  • All Subjects For KG (Kindergarten)
  • All Subjects For Class I
  • All Subjects For Class II
  • All Subjects For Class III
  • All Subjects For Class IV
  • All Subjects For Class V
  • All Subjects For Class VI
  • Nursery
  • History for class XI or XII
  • Geography for class XI or XII
  • Political Science for class XI or XII
  • English upto Class V
  • English for Class VI to VIII
  • English for Class XI or XII
  • English Speaking
  • English for Science Students(Delhi University)
  • Creative writing
  • Cursive Writing
  • English Handwriting
  • Verbal Ability
  • Phonics
  • English for Class IX or X ICSE
  • English for Class XI or XII ICSE
  • Diction
  • News Paper Reading
  • Drawing

Preffered Areas for Teaching

  • 110007-Shanti Nagar
  • 110009-Bhama Shah Marg

Organization Experience

Personal Tutoring Experience

  • Taught All Subjects For Class VII student from The Shriram Millennium School, Noida
  • Taught All Subjects For Class V student from The Shriram Millennium School, Noida
  • Taught All Subjects For Class VI student from Step by Step, noida
  • Taught English upto Class X. All subjects upto student from St.Joseph's Academy, Carmen, St.Thomas, Balahisar(Dehradun)