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About me

I am a professional tutor and a career counsellor. While handling a student I like to understand his/her potency first then deliver the things to him in the most suitable way. Every year my students have A+ in their report cards. I have been teaching since 15 years. One thing I always tell to every students " Believe in yourself and world will believe in you, nothing is impossible. "
I have been teaching all subjects up to 10th class for more than 10yrs. I also teach english up to college level effectively.

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Tutor information

Interested in - One On One Tutoring
Teaching Since - 2001
Resident Area - Noida Sector-15

Educational Qualifications

  • Master in english
  • Math Honours

Teaching Subjects

  • All Subjects For Class VI
  • All Subjects For Class VII
  • All Subjects For Class VIII
  • All Subjects For Class IX
  • All Subjects For Class X
  • Science upto Class V
  • Science for Class VI
  • Science for Class VII
  • Science for Class VIII
  • Science for Class IX
  • Science for Class X
  • Maths Upto Class III
  • Maths Upto Class IV
  • Maths for Class V
  • Maths for Class VI
  • Maths for Class VII
  • Maths for Class VIII
  • Maths for Class IX
  • Maths for Class X
  • Social Studies upto Class V
  • Social Studies for Class VI
  • Social Studies for Class VII
  • Social Studies for Class VIII
  • Social Studies for Class IX
  • Social Studies for Class X
  • English upto Class V
  • English for Class VI to VIII
  • English for Class IX or X
  • English for Class XI or XII
  • English Speaking
  • English Reading SAT
  • English Grammar

Preffered Areas for Teaching

  • 121013-Noida Phase III
  • 201008-Bisara
  • 201301-Noida Sector-1
  • 201302-Adhyatmic Nagar
  • 201303-Noida Sector-125
  • 201304-Noida Sector-128
  • 201305-Noida Sector-110
  • 201306-Noida Sector-63
  • 201307-Noida Sector-13
  • 201308-Greater Noida
  • 201309-Noida Sector-62
  • 201310-Knowledge Park I-Greater Noida
  • 203131-Khurja
  • 203135-Dayanatpur
  • 203141-Jawan Noida
  • 203155-Neemka
  • 203201-Dhanouri Kalan
  • 203202-Astauli
  • 203203-Banchawali
  • 203207-Kot
  • 203208-Dhoomedso
  • 203209-Bhaipur Brahmanan

Personal Tutoring Experience

  • Taught English for Class XI or XII, student from DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL
  • Taught Maths for Class VIII, student from Amity International School,
  • Taught English for Class VI to VIII, Hindi for student from Doon Public School,
  • Taught Mass Communication & Political Science
  • Taught English for Class IX & X, (IGCSE) student from Pathways
  • Taught Home Tutors All student from Jagran Public School - Noida
  • Taught Home Tutors For Class IX English (ICSE)
  • Taught English Speaking,
  • Taught Home Tutors For Class IX All student from Mayur School
  • Taught Maths