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  1. Thanks for your interest in joining us. TryMyTutor.com is one of India's biggest tutoring platforms with a community of more than 40 thousand verified and tested tutors across 100s of major cities & towns of India. We are a passionate organization working hard towards providing amazing tutors to the students and amazing teaching opportunities to our part-time & full-time tutors.

  1. Parties:

“TryMyTutor.com” (1st party), hereafter mentioned as us, we, company, organization, information provider.

“Tutor” (2nd party) hereafter mentioned as you, teacher, service provider, who has paid a membership fee.

“Students/Parents” ( 3rd Party) Looking to hire part-time & full-time tutors/teachers on monthly or hourly rates through TryMyTutor.com.

  1. If you wish to become our tutor and make use of the Trymytutor.com service ("Service/s"), then please read this Agreement (it is a 15 minutes read). By access and use of this website or its services, all users hereby represent, warrant, understand, agree to and accept all the “Terms and conditions” contained herein (referred as “ Terms of Services” or “ Terms of Use” or “Terms”). If you object to anything in this Agreement or the Trymytutor.com Policies, do not use the Site or its Services.

  1. This Agreement is an electronic contract that sets out the legally binding terms of your use of this Website and its Services.  The Terms of Use are subject to change by Trymytutor.com at any time, effective upon posting on the Trymytutor.com website or herein, following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these Terms of Use as updated or modified. For this reason, we encourage you to review these Terms of Use each time you access and use this Website or its services.


To become a tutoring partner with us, you’ll have to start by creating your profile on our platform. If you already created one, skip step-1 and follow Step-2 below.

Step 1. Create your profile

If you’re new and haven’t applied yet, fill out all the relevant details here; click https://trymytutor.com/register

Make sure you select the subjects you have excellent command and create a good pitch in the “About Me” section.

Step 2. Become a Premium Partner

a)Send your casual profile photo,

b) Send Aadhaar-Card provided by UIDAI for verification, (WhatsApp 9911699699 or email at info@trymytutor.com)

c) And pay Premium membership fee of amount ₹INR ₹1100 or $15 USD via Paytm/Gpay/Phonepe/UPI 9911699699 or

Cheque/Transfer/Deposit in Favor of  

‘The Education Academy’

ICICI Current Account, Vasant Vihar

A/c - 006505500662


Step 3. Give an Interview

Once you make the payment for premium membership, an interview is conducted to check your communication,

skills and subject knowledge. It will be done telephonically. Call at 9911699699 to conduct a telephonic interview.


  1. Schedule tutoring appointments with students or their parents
  2. Travel to students' homes, libraries, or schools to conduct sessions in case of offline tutoring
  3. Research or recommend textbooks, software, equipment, or other learning materials to complement tutoring
  4. Shall have all the requisite writing setup tools in case of online tutoring sessions.
  5. Participate in training development sessions to improve tutoring practices or learn new tutoring techniques
  6. Organize a tutoring environment to promote productive learning.
  7. Monitor student performance and assist students in academic environments, like classrooms, laboratories, or computing centers
  8. Review class material with students by discussing text, working solutions to problems, or reviewing worksheets or other assignments
  9. Provide feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate, or build confidence in them.
  10. Prepare lesson plans or learning modules for tutoring sessions according to individual students needs goals
  11. Maintain records of students assessment results, progress, feedback, or school performance, ensuring the confidentiality of all records
  12. Identify, develop, or implement intervention strategies, tutoring plans, or individualized education plans IEPs for student
  13. Develop teaching or training materials, such as handouts, study materials, or quizzes
  14. Communicate student progress to the students, their parents, or teachers in written progress reports, in person, by phone, or by email
  15. Collaborate with students, parents, teachers, school administrators, or counselors to define student needs, develop tutoring plans, or assess student progress
  16. Administer, proctor, or score academic or diagnostic assessments
  17. Teach students study skills, note-taking skills, and test-taking strategies
  18. Provide private instruction to individual or small groups of students to improve academic performance, improve occupational skills, or prepare for academic or occupational tests.


  1. TryMytutor.com is an online platform that works only as an information provider. Conversion of the leads provided into a paid client totally depends on the tutor’s skillsets including but not limited to communication, fluency, accent, personality, dressing, hygiene, subject knowledge, lectures, experience, confidence, presentation, sales, negotiations & convincing skills, etc.

  1. Tutors who want to get tuition through us will make a complete profile on https://trymytutor.com/register, then pay a membership fee and go through the recruiting process of interview & test (results to be decided by the 1st party) for teaching through us. Tutors may also be asked to show the originals of their education documents, address and ID proof as and when required.

  1. The 1st party holds the right to decide which individual will get an earning/teaching opportunity (tuitions) in case there is more than one individual (2nd party) interested in one particular opportunity (tuition).


TryMyTutor.com will charge Commission, for every new student, from tutor’s salary in exchange for generating leads, providing tuition jobs, negotiations, and liaisoning, all including GST as below;

  1. 50% of the 1st-month’s fee and 20% of the 2nd-month’s fee of the tuition,  minimum 8 hours of fee in case of a single subject and 6 hours for every additional subject for that particular student taken by a tutor. This has to be paid within the first two months of the tuition. This applies generally in all long-term tuitions.

  1. Flat 30% of the entire tuition fee in case of tuition which has a tenure of fewer than 30 hours in total.

  1. Once the assignment/tuition is finalized/confirmed after the demo class we collect our part of the payment i.e. commission fee (50% or 8 hours of fee) directly from the parents/student/customer as a booking amount. The remaining payments you may collect directly from the customer at the end of your month. You’ll pay the 20% of the second month’s fee from the 2nd installment or 2nd month’s fee received by you.


  1. On TryMyTutor.com, Tutors always set their own rates. As with any business, your earning power and frequency of new leads is often tied to your experience, demand for your skills, the number of subjects or keywords you’ve marked in your profile, and the distance you can travel.

  1. Once you build your reputation through consistent conversion of new clients, we'll be able to command higher rates from new clients for your proven skills. In fact, on average, we increase your hourly rate by almost 40% after a year of working with us and close to 100% after 2 years i.e doubled.

  1. We will inform you about the client’s budget. We suggest tutor’s fee rate on the basis of the availability of the tutors in their location for their requirements (Supply & Demand Economics). The client’s budget or tutor’s rate is inclusive of tuition fees, conveyance charges, our commission charges, and/or any other taxes if applicable.

  1. You’ll be paid only for the sessions you have taken. Sessions missed can be reconducted only on approval from the parents/student. No bill can be raised for non conducted sessions/classes except a class canceled without informing ( Class Cancellation Policy) from the student/parent side. All payment is calculated after adding the due hours at the agreed hourly rate.

  1. Class Cancellation Policy; No charge if canceled by notifying at least 2 hours prior to the class time or else 50% of the session fee will be levied on student/parent.

  1. Once the assignment/tuition is finalized/confirmed we collect our part of payment i.e. the commission fee directly from the parents/student/customer as a booking amount. The rest of the payment you may collect directly from the customer at the end of every month.

  1. We start approaching you with the next tuition-job opportunities once the cost of the first/previous tuition/lead/assignment is recovered in the form of commission to us.

  1. Any commission fee or amount pending at any side (i.e. either you/tutor or us/firm/trymytutor.com) will be adjusted in the 2nd installment or 2nd-month fee or next tuition fee.


Your profile will be constantly monitored and your performance will be judged on the basis of:

  1. Your ability to convert tuition leads (opportunities) that are being sent to you into paying customers. 
  2. Your subject knowledge, communication skills, convincing power, and personality.
  3. Your communication, behavior, and loyalty to the organization.
  4. Your steadiness in paying the commission.
  5. Your punctuality and feedback from the “parents/students”.
  6. Your speed in responding to the opportunities/leads given to you via call/sms.
  7. Your good-looking profile on TryMyTutor.com.
  8. Average commission paid per lead details shared
  9. Average commission paid per demo given
  10. Conversion Rate


The 1st party reserves the right to “deactivate and ban” the 2nd party’s profile from their website/service-marketplace on the ground of points mentioned below;


  1. In case of two consecutive unsuccessful demonstration sessions or Trial-classes.
  2. You should always maintain a Conversion Rate of above 70%,  i.e. (Demo Given to Tuitions Converted Rate or Demo satisfaction rate). For e.g; You shall convert and pay commission of at least 2 out of 3 demos. If in case you’re inefficient or unable to do that, the 1st party holds the right to deactivate and ban your profile from further work opportunities.
  3. In case the average commission paid per lead details shared goes less than ₹1000 INR per details shared
  4. In case the average commission per demo arranged goes less than ₹2500 INR.
  5. You agree and undertake to provide the correct information about yourself. In case it is found to be wrong or manipulated, the 1st party holds the right to cancel membership, ban from the website and display you for fraud and cheating with the community of all the tutoring agencies/bureaus.


In case we find out that the 2nd party/tutor/job-seeker/teacher/trainer signed up with us, has gone behind our back by “confirming the tuition & not informing/updating us, the 1st party as and when required by us” or “by confirming the tuition and not paying or over delaying a commission to us”, the job-seeker/tutor will have to face legal action, a penalty up to 10 times of the amount cheated/looted, defamation & deactivation from trymytutor.com website, and ban from several tutoring portals/agencies/bureaus fraternities.

TryMyTutor.com holds the right to sue the 2nd party in any Indian court on the grounds of any fraud, cheat, lie, double-dealing, duplicity, treachery, or impersonation, miss using the data or contacts provided.

If you are found guilty at any point of time, immediately or after year/s, It will lead to legal actions for the offense of dishonesty, fraud, lying, hiding, and cheating the organization you work with. Your identity and other credentials will be reported to the "willful defaulter list" of credit rating agencies which will hurt your CIBIL. Actions will be taken to recover the losses, with interests and penalties for spoiling the brand name and breaching the agreement. It will also make you difficult to apply for any private or government jobs, this will happen under the Indian Penal Code Section-420.


Any dispute between the parties related to any point mentioned in the terms or any other issue will be settled in legal courts inside the boundaries of Delhi-NCR.

  1. In order to provide the services to you we collect some of your Personal Information. We describe our collection and use of personal information in our Privacy Policy. You must agree to the processing of your personal information/data collected will be used by 1st party (TryMyTutor.com) which may inlude phone, SMS, Whatsapp, email etc for marketing or to deliver certain updates for services or information you have requested.

  1. You agree that TryMyTutor.com may disclose personal information provided to us, including the data entered into the Website, if required to by law body or government body request such as a warrant, or as specified in the Privacy Policy.

  1. You must be 18 years or older to use this service. You are responsible for preventing unauthorized access to your account.


  1. Learn while you Earn
  2. Working Fexibility of time, days & duration
  3. After 5 successful tuitions get a Certificate of experience and excellence for your career ahead
  4. Work part-time and earn more than full-timers of many other industry.
  5. You are your own boss. Become Self-Dependant.
  6. Build self-confidence by interacting with different people.
  7. Meet new people and families from across the globe.
  8. File Income Tax Returns (It builds your credit score on CIBIL which will help you take bank loans for your new house or a car)
  9. Win awards

  1. Be Professional. Never adress a parent as Uncle or Aunty. Only Sir/Ma’am or Mr/Mrs XYZ.
  2. Do Not discuss property, relationships, or occupation other than teaching.
  3. Be Responsive. Be Punctual. Be Confident.
  4. Be Productive. You’re getting paid for every single minute.
  5. Be Prepared for the lesson you're going deliver.
  6. Be Neat & Tidy. Avoid visiting if you’re extensively wet with sweat during summer.
  7. Be Fluent & Speak in English even if parents/student talk in Hindi.
  8. Be Flexible with timings, days, and duration as per the demand.
  9. Be Negotiable at times it needed to crack the deal. We give you a window to negotiate up to 20% of the fee we quoted with the customer.
  10. Build Reputation on TryMyTutor.com by converting leads. On the basis of performance, we automatically increase your rates.
  11. Maintain Attendance-Sheet mentioning time, date, duration, and topic taught. Get it attested by the student/parent daily or weekly.
  12. Be Relevant. Always inform the parents only about your RELEVANT experience of similar Class, Subject, Course/Board/ and School. (i.e. If requirement is for a class 10th tutor, you should not mention your experience about class 5th or College. If requirement is for a Physics tutor, you should not mention your experience about Math or English tutoring. If the student is from ICSE you should mention only ICSE Experience, not CBSE. If the student is from an expensive school, you should not mention your experience about.)
  13. Try to give a demo when parents are present because they’re the decision-makers & paymaster.
  14. Try to convince the client to have a demo session. Your teaching session is the deal breaker.
  15. Be Positive. Never Demoralize, Defame, Discourage or Depress the student.
  16. Avoid Phones! Value of Time. You’re getting paid for every single minute.
  17. You must not discuss/disclose the commission share between us, with students, or their parents.
  18. Inform minimum of 5 days in advance to the agency before discontinuing any tuition.

  1. Your membership puts your profile exclusively out from the crowd.
  2. This is the only way we can filter out genuinely interested tutors.
  3. You get Guaranteed Job Leads
  4. We conduct your Interview to make you evaluate your skills
  5. You get Direct messages/Whatsapp/Calls of leads
  6. Profile Manager Assigned - We manage your profile personally
  7. Relationship Manager Assigned- We are regularly in touch to guide you.
  8. Priority Access to the leads - You get lead information before the unpaid members
  9. Highlighted Profile on the website -  more visibility on the website, more direct demo requests.


People ask us why we charge a commission fee? Why is it not free? or Why do we charge this amount? or Why do we charge any amount beyond 50% of one month? etc etc.. So we thought to be more transparent and therefore we public out the expenses and costs we bear per converted lead. A lump-sum of expense segregations explained per converted lead;

  1. Salaries+incentives+welfare+Insurance+Legals+Conveyance+medical ( 12 hours working, operations team, sales team, tech-team, accounts & Legals) costs us 1200
  2. Taxes & Banking (GST as per Indian Govt Taxes, cash deposit charges, cheque other bank-related charges, Paytm charges, card payment gateway charges, and other surcharges), Costs us 600
  3. Ads/Promotions/social-media/SEO, costs us 650. We work on only 10% of the total leads we receive. 90% of the inquiry leads are filtered out because of different reasons like budget and complexity of the requirement.
  4. Office(rent, commercial electricity, tap water, drinking water, sweeper, stationery, furniture, Repairs, and maintenance),  Costs us 600
  5. Communications/Networks (internet, SMS, website, phones, servers, computers, and accessories), Costs us 450
  6. Miscellaneous -100
  7. Inflation -100
  8. Expansion/Growth-100
  9. Profit- If something is left after the expenses.

Total Expense = 1200+450+650+600+200+100+600 = 3800


We invest the membership fee immediately for promoting your profile and subject keywords in your location for you. We refund the entire membership fee only if;

We're unable to generate and connect you with the prospect** via any mode* who is desperately looking for online tutoring from across the globe or for offline tuition within 10kms of aerial radius from your residence marked in your profile while signing up, for any of the subjects approved in your profile after test or interview by our interviewer, within 60 working days from the date of your profile activation. If such information is not provided to you, you may ask for a refund of the entire membership fee paid.

**Here the "prospect" can be any person looking to learn any of the skills or subjects approved in your profile.

*mode may include; contact number of the prospect or Address of the prospect or connecting you and the prospect over a conference call, or your online or offline meeting with the prospect or a demonstration session by you to the prospect.

We do not commit or guarantee any qualitative parameters including but not limited to the amount, rate, charges, salary, days, timings, duration per session, road quality, vehicle parking availability,   Traffic, or Student’s language, ethnicity, religion etc.

  1. We do not encourage contact exchange in Demo class. This way it won’t be a state of confusion for both of us and hence the parents/student will not try to manipulate both of us. We share the contact details by ourselves once they signup to continue the class after the first free demo session.
  2. Try to have face-to-face interaction throughout the class.
  3. Discuss with student or the parents about course, level, problems, and requirements.
  4. Tutor shall be close to the mic for clear audio.
  5. Tutor shall NOT exaggerate network quality issues if any from either side.
  6. Tutor shall test the topic which student have already studied for the demo
  7. Student shall use headphone for clear sound & noise cancellation during the class.
  8. Student shall keep their camera & mic 'ON' throughout the class for being attentive.
  9. Student shall use laptop for taking class for clear visibility.
  10. Tutor shall give regular homework.
  11. Tutor shall get the student involved by keep asking every point you write.
  12. After the class Tutor can ask to have a feedback interaction with Parents.


Others Companies


No Guarantee of arranging Meeting or Demo

We guarantee for arranging a Meeting/DemoClass/TrialClass

Random Leads

Sure-Shot, Handpicked filtered & potential students.

No fix and defined area

Students within a defined radius of your residence

Hassle of calling every new lead to check their requirements.

No hassle of scheduling, shortlisting, negotiating, or random callings.

Huge competition with many other tutors betting on the same student.

Very rare chance of facing any competition. You get a sitting duck!

You Pay for every lead without a guarantee of the demo.

Lifetime membership fee and then pay commission only when tuition is finalized.

  1. Commission based ride-sharing companies like Ola & Uber, e-commerce companies like  Flipkart, Amazon & eBay, Private Security Guard Services companies like G4S Group-4-Security, or any manpower providing services, charge between 25% to 50% of every transaction. In 90% of cases, our charges are not even 10% of the entire earnings made by our tutors through the tuition provided by us.